Live Sukobin Border Crossing.

Montenegro - Albania Border Crossings


Montenegro - Albania Border Crossings Cameras.


Montenegro Montenegro live Cameras Albania live Cameras Albania

Albania - Montenegro border crossing checkpoint at Sukobin - Exit, Live Streaming Webcam 1.

Real-time traffic conditions, Montenegro Sukobin (Sukubinë) Albania (Muriqan), Border Crossing.

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Montenegro Montenegro Live Cameras Albania Live Cameras Albania

Bordercontrol Montenegro from Albania. Border crossing checkpoint at Sukobin - Entrance, Live Streaming Webcam 1.

Real-time traffic conditions, Albania (Muriqan) Montenegro (Sukobin, Sukubinë), Border Crossing.

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Live Traffic Map.

Border Crossing Muriqan - Sukobin, Albania / Montenegro, E851, Montenegro Border Crossing Muriqan - Sukubinë, Albania - Montenegro.

Live Traffic Map.

Live Kamera Border Crossing Sukobin, Sukubinë, 85360, Montenegro - Montenegro - Albania Granični prijelaz Sukobin, Sukubinë Montenegro.

Montenegro - Albania Border Crossings, road Ulcinj - Skadar, Ulqin - Shkodër Border crossing point Sukobin.

Montenegro - Albania border crossing checkpoint at Sukobin - Muriqan.

Montenegro Sukobin

Sukobin | Ulcinj | Podgorica | Montenegro.

Sukobin (Serbian Cyrillic: Сукобин, Albanian: Sukubinë) is a village in the municipality of Ulcinj, Montenegro. It is located at the Albania–Montenegro border. In the north it borders with the area of ​​Kraja, in the east with the river Buna and the Municipality of Ana e Malit, which is located within the territory of Albania and exactly with the villages: Vidhgarë, Shtuf, Muriqan and Gorica, while in the west with the municipality of Tivar.Sukobin has a convenient geographical position being located near well-known shopping centers such as Shkodra and Ulcinj known for shipping, trade, etc. For years in this area have passed important roads such as the Bar - Katërkollë - Shkodër, then the road Ulqin - Katërkollë - Shkodër etc. The mountain side is characterized by a mild, warm and humid climate, favoring the cultivation of various agricultural crops, both Mediterranean and traditional. The average annual temperature in this area is around 16 ° C where the January average is around 5.8 ° C, while the July average is above 25 ° C. Vladimir ( (Serbian Cyrillic: Владимир, Albanian: Katërkollë) is a village in the municipality of Ulcinj, Montenegro.It is located at the intersection of the highway M-2.4 (Bar-Ulqin-Albania) and the regional road R-16 (Katërkollë – Ostros – Vir). The village of Katërkollë - Vladimir is located in the center of Fushë e Ana e Malit. Border crossing Sukobin / Muriqan / Montenegro and Albania. Montenegro checkpoint.

Albania Muriqan

Muriqan | Ana e Malit | Skadar | Shkodër | Albania.

Muriqan is a settlement in the former Ana e Malit municipality, Shkodër County, northwestern Albania. At the 2015 local government reform it became part of the municipality Shkodër.Near this village a jointly managed border crossing point with Montenegro is situated.This joint border point between Montenegro and Albania is open for annual crossings for 500 thousand passengers while every year the number of crossings goes to 2 million.


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