Live Kjafasan Border Crossing.

North Macedonia - Albania Border Crossings
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North Macedonia - Albania Border Crossings Cameras.


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Bordercontrol North Macedonia from Albania. Border crossing checkpoint at Kjafasan - Entrance, Live Streaming Webcam 1.

Real-time traffic conditions, North Macedonia Kjafasan (Kafasan, Ќафасан, Struga) Albania Qafë Thanë (Qafa e Thanës), Border Crossing.

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Border Crossings Cameras

Live Traffic Map.

Border Crossing Kjafasan, Struga, E852, 6330, North Macedonia. Border Crossing Qafë Thanë, E852, Albania.

Live Traffic Map.

Live Kamera Border Crossing Qafë Thanë, E852, Albania. Border Crossing Kjafasan, Struga, E852, 6330, North Macedonia.

North Macedonia - Albania Border Crossings.

North Macedonia - Albania border crossing checkpoint at Kjafasan-Qafë Thanë.

Kjafasan | North Macedonia | Qafë Thanë | Albania.

North Macedonia and Albania have four border crossings; the busiest are Kafasan–Qafa e Thanës, 12km southwest of Struga, and Sveti Naum–Tushëmishti, 29km south of Ohrid. Blato, 5km northwest of Debar, and Stenje, on Lake Prespa's southwestern shore, are the least used.

Albania Qafë Thanë

Qafë Thanë | Pogradec | Southeastern | Albania.

Qafa e Thanës (Albanian: Qafë Thanë; Macedonian: Ќафасан) is a mountain pass on the shores of Lake Ohrid in Albania. It is located in the southeastern Albanian mountains, close to the border between Albania and North Macedonia. The border crossing point between the two countries is also named Qafë Thanë, and is a "primary gateway" between the two countries.E852 motorway.
Pogradec (Albanian pronunciation: [pɔɡɾaˈdɛt͡s]) is the eleventh most populous city of the Republic of Albania and the capital of the eponymous municipality. It is located on a narrow plain between two mountain chains along the southwestern banks of the Lake of Ohrid. Its climate is profoundly influenced by a seasonal Mediterranean and Continental climate. Pogradec and its surroundings were listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site as part of the natural and cultural heritage of the region of Ohrid. Nevertheless, the Illyrian Royal Tombs in the adjacent unit of Proptisht are on the Albanian tentative list for becoming a World Heritage Site.

North Macedonia Kjafasan

Kjafasan | Struga | Southwestern | North Macedonia.

Kafasan Macedonian: Kjafasan , Ќafasan (in older sources: Ќафасхан; Albanian: Qafë Thanë) - a border crossing between Albania and Macedonia.This is the end point of the road E852 (Ohrid - Struga - Kafasan) and is a pass between the southeastern parts of the mountain Jablanica and Lake Ohrid. The pass is located at an altitude of 1,234 meters. The closest settlements on the Albanian side are the village of Lin on the peninsula of the same name in the municipality of Pogradec in Gorica and the village of Prenjas in the municipality of the same name in the area of ​​Elbasan.


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