Live Deve Bair Border Crossing.

North Macedonia - Bulgaria Border Crossings
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North Macedonia - Bulgaria Border Crossings Cameras.


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Bordercontrol North Macedonia from Bulgaria. Border crossing checkpoint at Deve Bair - Entrance, Live Streaming Webcam 1.

Real-time traffic conditions, North Macedonia Deve Bair (Camel Hill) Bulgaria Gyueshevo (Gjueshevo, Guieshevo, Gjueševo), Border Crossing.

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Border Crossings Cameras

Live Traffic Map.

Granični prelaz ,Deve Bair, E871, North Macedonia. BCCP Gyueshevo, 2570 Gyueshevo, Bulgaria.

Live Traffic Map.

Live Kamera BCCP Gyueshevo, 2570 Gyueshevo, Bulgaria. Granični prelaz ,Deve Bair, E871, North Macedonia.

North Macedonia - Bulgaria Border Crossings.

North Macedonia - Bulgaria border crossing checkpoint at Deve Bair-Gyueshevo.

Deve Bair | North Macedonia | Gyueshevo | Bulgaria.

Deve Bair Border Checkpoint, Deve Bair is a locality where the main and largest border crossing of the same name is located on the Macedonian-Bulgarian border, at a distance of 22 km from the city of Kriva Palanka. The place is also called Ramna Niva. The Bulgarian crossing is called Gjueshevo (Bulgarian: Гюешево).Deve Bair is a Turkish name, literally translated "camel hill". The place got its name because of its shape in the form of two-humped camel humps. Gueshevo Border Checkpoint is a border checkpoint between Bulgaria and Northern Macedonia. It is located near the village of Gueshevo, about 22 kilometers west of the town of Kyustendil. The approach from Bulgaria Gueshevo border checkpoint is located on the road Sofia - Skopje, which is part of the pan-European transport corridor 8 (Vlora - Tirana - Skopje - Sofia - Bourgas - Asia).

North Macedonia Deve Bair

Deve Bair | Gevgelija | Southeastern | North Macedonia.

Kriva Palanka (Macedonian: Крива Паланка [ˌkriːva ˈpalaŋka] is a town located in the northeastern part of North Macedonia. It has 14,558 inhabitants. The town of Kriva Palanka is the seat of Kriva Palanka Municipality which has almost 21,000 inhabitants.The town lies near the Deve Bair national border crossing with Bulgaria; as such, there is nearly constant heavy traffic passing through the main road which bisects the two sides of the town (Deve Bair is considered the main border crossing between North Macedonia and Bulgaria because it links the capitals Skopje with Sofia)

Bulgaria Gyueshevo

Gyueshevo | Kyustendil | Kyustendil Municipality | Bulgaria.

Gyueshevo (Bulgarian: Гюешево, pronounced [ˈɡju.ɛʃɛvo]; also transliterated Gjueshevo, Guieshevo, Gjueševo) is a village in Kyustendil Municipality, Kyustendil Province, in western Bulgaria. As of 2006 the population is 275 and the mayor is Stoyne Maksimov. The village is located on the border with North Macedonia and is the most important of the three border checkpoints between the two countries. It is the last stop of the railway from Sofia. This railway is intended to link the capital to Skopje, but the Macedonian section of the line has not been built. Gyueshevo lies at 42°14′13″N 22°28′35″E, 1,016 metres above sea level, in the Osogovo mountains. The local railway station was built in 1910, while the first school dates to 1888. The Prosveta community centre (chitalishte) was opened in 1921.


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