Live Medžitlija Border Crossing.

North Macedonia - Greece Border Crossings
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North Macedonia - Greece Border Crossings Cameras.


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Bordercontrol North Macedonia from Greece. Border crossing checkpoint at Medžitlija - Entrance, Live Streaming Webcam 1.

Real-time traffic conditions, North Macedonia Medžitlija (Меџитлија, Mexhitli, Mecitli) Greece Níki (Νίκη, Негочани, Negočani), Border Crossing.

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Border Crossings Cameras

Live Traffic Map.

Medzhitlija, MK, GP, Medzhitlija 7000, North Macedonia. Niki Customs, EO Ptolemaidas Florinas Florinas Nikis 46, Niki 531 00, Greece.

Live Traffic Map.

Live Kamera Niki Customs, EO Ptolemaidas Florinas Florinas Nikis 46, Niki 531 00, Greece. Medzhitlija, MK, GP, Medzhitlija 7000, North Macedonia.

North Macedonia - Greece Border Crossings.

North Macedonia - Greece border crossing checkpoint at Medžitlija-Níki.

Medžitlija | North Macedonia | Níki | Greece.

The Medžitlija-Níki border crossing linking North Macedonia with Greece is one of the three transit points for road vehicles between the two states. Situated about 190 km from Thessaloniki and the same to Skopje, it also once served as Yugoslavia's southernmost exit. It is located on the European route E65. Despite linking the important city of Bitola with the regions of western Greece including Corfu and other holiday spots, it is the other crossing Evzoni-Bogorodica which is of greater significance as it forms a part of the E75 express route. The region around Medžitlija -Niki is far less developed on both sides of the border. From 1998 to 2000, the northern side of the border (North Macedonia's transit blocks) was rebuilt using donations from the European Union to raise the standards.

North Macedonia Medžitlija

Medžitlija | Bitola | Pelagonia | Municipality of Bistrica | North Macedonia.

Medžitlija (Macedonian: Меџитлија, Albanian: Mexhitli, Turkish: Mecitli) is a village in the municipality of Bitola, North Macedonia, along the border with Greece. It used to be part of the former municipality of Bistrica. The village is located 14 km south of Bitola at the Medžitlija-Níki border crossing.According to the 2002 census, the village had a total of 155 inhabitants.Ethnic groups in the village include Albanians 154 ,Macedonians 1.

Greece Níki

Niki | Florina Regional Unit | Western Macedonia | Greece.

Níki (Greek: Νίκη, Macedonian and Bulgarian: Негочани, Negočani or Negochani) is a village situated in the Florina regional unit, Greece, along the border with North Macedonia. The village is located 14 km north of Florina at the Medžitlija-Níki border crossing. Its name in Greek means victory. The main road through Niki connects the border crossing with the city of Kozani and forms a part of the E65 route. The village was first mentioned in an Ottoman defter of 1468, where it is listed under the name of Negočani and described as having 203 households. In 1481, the number had declined to 112 households. The village produced vines, flax, hemp, honey, and swine; and possessed mills and a market.The population of the village in 2011 was 273.


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