Live Kelebija Border Crossing.

Serbia - Hungary Border Crossings

Serbia - Hungary Border Crossings Cameras.


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Hungary - Serbia border crossing checkpoint at Kelebija - Entrance, Live Streaming Webcam 1.

Real-time traffic conditions, Hungary (Tompa) Serbia (Kelebija), Border Crossing.


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Hungary - Serbia border crossing checkpoint at Kelebija - Exit, Live Streaming Webcam 2.

Real-time traffic conditions, Serbia (Kelebija) Hungary (Tompa), Border Crossing.

Live Traffic Map.

Tompa Border Crossing Station, Tompa, Határátkelőhely, 6422 Hungary Border Crossing Station Kelebia, Kelebija, Serbia.

Live Traffic Map.

Border Crossing Station Kelebia, Kelebija, Serbia Tompa Border Crossing Station, Tompa, Határátkelőhely, 6422 Hungary.

Serbia-Hungary Border Crossings.

Serbia - Hungary border crossing checkpoint at Kelebija.

Serbia Kelebija

Kelebija | Vojvodina | North Bačka | Municipality of Subotica | Serbia.

Kelebija (Serbian: Келебија, romanized: Kelebija, Hungarian: Kelebia or Alsókelebia) is a village located in the administrative area of Subotica, Serbia. As of 2011, it has a population of 2,142 inhabitants and Hungarian ethnic majority. A border crossing between Serbia and Hungary is located in the village.

Hungary Tompa

Tompa | Bács-Kiskun | Kiskunhalas | Hungary.

Tompa in the region of Bács-Kiskun with it's 4,844 habitants is a town located in Hungary - some 92 mi (or 149 km) South of Budapest, the country's capital. Tompa is a Hungarian city in Kiskunhalas County in Bács-Kiskun County. It is located a good 20 kilometers south of Kiskunhalas and three kilometers north of the border with Serbia.


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