Live Jabuka Border Crossing.

Serbia - Montenegro Border Crossings
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Serbia - Montenegro Border Crossings Cameras.


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Serbia - Montenegro border crossing checkpoint at Jabuka - Entrance, Live Streaming Webcam 1.

Real-time traffic conditions, Montenegro Ranče, Rance, Otilovići, Отиловићи Serbia Jabuka, Јабука Border Crossing.
Jabuka - Ranče border crossing point from the Serbia side.

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Montenegro Montenegro live Cameras Serbia live Cameras Serbia

Serbia - Montenegro border crossing checkpoint at Jabuka - Exit, Live Streaming Webcam 2.

Montenegro Ranče, Rance, Otilovići, Отиловићи Serbia Jabuka, Јабука Border crossing station.

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Border Crossings Cameras

Live Traffic Map.

Border crossing Jabuka ,Granični Prelaz Jabuka, Јабука, Serbia. Granični prelaz Ranče, 8FM7+HXF, Otilovići,Отиловићи Montenegro.

Live Traffic Map.

Live Kamera Granični prelaz Ranče, 8FM7+HXF, Otilovići, Отиловићи Montenegro. Border crossing Jabuka, Granični Prelaz Jabuka, Јабука, Serbia.

Serbia - Montenegro Border Crossings.

Serbia - Montenegro border crossing checkpoint at Jabuka - Ranče.

Serbia Jabuka

Jabuka | Prijepolje | Zlatibor | Šumadija and Western Serbia | Serbia.

Jabuka (Serbian Cyrillic: Јабука) is a village located in the municipality of Prijepolje, southwestern Serbia. According to the 2011 census, the village has a population of 275 inhabitants. A border crossing between Serbia and Montenegro is located in the village, as it lies on the main road between Prijepolje and Pljevlja.
Prijepolje (Serbian Cyrillic: Пријепоље, pronounced [prijěːpoʎe]) is a town and municipality located in the Zlatibor District of southwestern Serbia. As of 2011 census, the town has 13,330 inhabitants, while the municipality has 37,059 inhabitants.
Prijepolje is located at the confluence of the fast-flowing Lim and Mileševka rivers. It is also situated along the road from Belgrade to the Adriatic sea, as well as being a stop on the Belgrade – Bar railway. The Belgrade – Adriatic road intersects here with the regional road between Pljevlja, Prijepolje and Sjenica. This regional road follows roughly the same route as the ancient Roman road known as the Dubrovnik road. Just north of Prijepolje, at Bistrica, there is a road leading towards Priboj, Višegrad and Sarajevo. Prijepolje is surrounded by hills, such as Pušina, Srijeteži, Gradina and Sokolica, which, prior to the construction of the "Potpeć" hydro plant near Nova Varoš, created a unique climate around the municipality. Since the hydro plant's construction, Prijepolje's climate has been changed into one that is typical for this cold part of Serbia. The highest peak in the Prijepolje area is Katunić, which reaches 1,734 meters above sea level. Forests surround most of Prijepolje, however, along the Lim, there are numerous beaches. Two of the most popular beaches are under bridges, one at the centre of the town, under the bridge in Ivanje, and another under the bridge in Petrovac.Granični prelaz Jabuka (SRB) - Ranče (MNE).

Montenegro Ranče

Ranče | Otilovići | Pljevlja Municipality | Montenegro.

Ranče, Rance, Ranche (Serbian Cyrillic:Ранче) On the border between Montenegro and Serbia is the village of Ranche, at an altitude of about 1280 meters. It is 13 km away from Pljevlja and 20 km from Prijepolje.Otilovići (Serbian Cyrillic: Отиловићи) is a village in the municipality of Pljevlja, Montenegro. Otilovići are also characteristic in the geographical sense. There is an artificial lake on the road that leads to Bijelo Polje via Otilović. The interesting ambience of Otilović Lake, surrounded by trees and lush vegetation, attracts the attention of many tourists.There are 204 inhabitant living in Otilovići, and the average age of the population is 46.5 years (44.5 for men and 48.5 for women). There are 73 households in the settlement, and the average number of members per household is 3.16 The Popadići, Irići, Joksovići, Ćuzovići, Kokovići, Šarančići, Kijanovići, Pejatovići, Koružići, Kezići, Grujičići, Goločevci families live in the village. The population in this settlement is very heterogeneous, and in the last three censuses, a decrease in the number of inhabitants has been notice
Pljevlja Municipality (Montenegrin and Serbian: Opština Pljevlja / Општина Пљевља) is located in northwestern region of Montenegro.It covers an area of 1,346 and had a population of 30,786 at the 2011 census.The highest point of the municipality is on the Ljubišnja mountain at an altitude of 2,238 m (7,343 ft), while the lowest point is in the canyon of the Tara river with an altitude of 529 m (1,736 ft) above sea level. The municipality borders Žabljak Municipality, Bijelo Polje Municipality and Mojkovac Municipality in Montenegro, as well as the republics of Serbia and with Bosnia and Herzegovina. With a total area of 1,346 km2 (520 sq mi), it is the third largest municipality in Montenegro.


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