Live Spiljani Border Crossing.

Serbia - Montenegro Border Crossings
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Serbia - Montenegro Border Crossings Cameras.


Montenegro Montenegro Live Cameras Serbia Live Cameras Serbia

Serbia - Montenegro border crossing checkpoint at Špiljani - Entrance, Live Streaming Webcam 1.

Real-time traffic conditions, Montenegro Dračenovac, Dracenovac, Rožaje, Рожаје Serbia Špiljani, Spiljani Border Crossing.
Špiljani - Dračenovac border crossing point from the Serbia side.

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Montenegro Montenegro live Cameras Serbia live Cameras Serbia

Serbia - Montenegro border crossing checkpoint at Špiljani - Exit, Live Streaming Webcam 2.

Montenegro Dračenovac, Dracenovac, Rožaje, Рожаје Serbia Špiljani, Spiljani Border crossing station.

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Border Crossings Cameras

Live Traffic Map.

Border crossing Spiljani ,Granični Prelaz , E80, W86R+5G Špiljani, Serbia. Granični prelaz Dračenovac, W829+R8 Јабланица, E80, Montenegro.

Live Traffic Map.

Live Kamera Granični prelaz Dračenovac, Rožaje, Рожаје, W829+R8 Јабланица, E80, Montenegro. Border crossing Spiljani ,Granični Prelaz , E80, W86R+5G Špiljani, Serbia.

Serbia - Montenegro Border Crossings.

Serbia - Montenegro border crossing checkpoint at Špiljani - Dračenovac.

Serbia Špiljani

Špiljani | Tutin | Raška District | Southwestern Serbia | Serbia.

Špiljani (Serbian Cyrillic: Шпиљани) is a village located in the municipality of Tutin, southwestern Serbia. According to the 2011 census, the village has a population of 275 inhabitants. A border crossing between Serbia and Montenegro is located in the village.
Tutin (Serbian Cyrillic: Тутин) is a town and municipality located in the Raška District of southwestern Serbia. According to a 2011 census, the municipality of Tutin has a population of 31,155 people.
The Raška District (Serbian: Рашки округ / Raški okrug, pronounced [râʃkiː ôkruːɡ]) is one of eight administrative districts of Šumadija and Western Serbia. It expands to the south-western part of the country. According to the 2011 census results, it has a population of 309,258 inhabitants. The administrative center of the Raška district is Kraljevo. Climate Tutin has a humid continental climate (Köppen climate classification: Dfb).E80 Granični prelaz Špiljani (SRB) - Dračenovac (MNE).

Montenegro Dračenovac, Rožaje, Рожаје

Dračenovac | Rožaja | Pljevlja Municipality | Montenegro.

Rožaje (Montenegrin: Рожаје, pronounced [rɔ̂ʒajɛ]; Albanian: Rozhajë) is a town in northeastern Montenegro. As of 2011, the city has a population of 9,567 inhabitants. Surrounded by hills to its west and mountains to its east (notably Mount Hajla), it is the source of the river Ibar, which gives its name to the local sports clubs FK Ibar, KK Ibar and OK Ibar. Rožaje is the centre of the Rožaje Municipality within the 24 municipalities of Montenegro.Rožaje is the administrative centre of the Rožaje municipality, which has a total of 23,312 residents. The town of Rožaje itself has a population of 9,567 in 2011. Rožaje is also considered to be the centre for the Bosniak community of Montenegro. Bosniaks form the majority in both the town and the municipality itself. Ethnic Albanians have been present within the city, as well as the outskirts, especially villages that are close to the border of Kosovo. They enjoy and support mutual relations with the Bosniaks and other ethnicities within the city and have also become an integral part of Rožaje's society. The current population of Albanians living in Rožaje rounds up to 1,158, forming 5% of the total population in 2011. The population of Rožaje from 1981 (as SR Montenegro) to 2011 (as the current republic) is as shown below:March 3, 1981 – 7,336 March 3, 1991 – 8,828 November 1, 2003 (as SCG) – 9,121 July 1, 2011 – 9,567.Dračenovac Border crossing with Serbia,Eastern end of E 65 concurrency, Eastern end of E 80 concurrency.


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