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Montenegro Border Crossings Live Cameras

Live Montenegro Border Crossings Webcams.

Montenegro Border Crossings.

Live Cameras at Border Crossings:
Countries Border Crossings
Montenegro - Serbia Ranče - Jabuka.
Montenegro - Serbia Dračenovac - Špiljani.
Montenegro - Croatia Debeli Brijeg - Karasovići.
Montenegro - Albania Sukobin - Muriqan.
Montenegro - Albania Božaj - Hani i Hotit.
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Montenegro Border Crossings

Montenegro - Albania Border Crossing Sukobin - Murićani, Montenegro - Albania Border Crossing Božaj - Hani Hotit, Montenegro - Albania Border Crossing Cijevna Zarijebačka - Grabom, Montenegro - Albania Border Crossing Grnčar - Baškim, Montenegro - Kosovo Border Crossing Kula - Kulina, Montenegro - Serbia Border Crossing Vuča - Godovo, Montenegro - Serbia Border Crossing Dračenovac - Špiljani, Montenegro - Serbia Border Crossing Dobrakovo - Gostun, Montenegro - Serbia Border Crossing Ranče - Jabuka, Montenegro - Serbia Border Crossing Čemerno - Čemerno, Montenegro - Bosnia and Herzegovina Border Crossing Metaljka - Metaljka, Montenegro - Bosnia and Herzegovina Border Crossing Šula - Vitine, Montenegro - Bosnia and Herzegovina Border Crossing Šćepan polje - Hum, Montenegro - Bosnia and Herzegovina Border Crossing Krstac - Krstac, Montenegro - Bosnia and Herzegovina Border Crossing Vraćenovići - Deleuša, Montenegro - Bosnia and Herzegovina Border Crossing Ilino brdo - Klobuk, Montenegro - Bosnia and Herzegovina Border Crossing Nudo - Aranđelovo, Montenegro - Bosnia and Herzegovina Border Crossing Sitnica - Zupci, Montenegro - Croatia Border Crossing Debeli brijeg - Karasovići, Montenegro - Croatia Border Crossing Kobila - Vitaljina.

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Montenegro Border Crossings.

Albania Albania Border Crossings. Montenegro Border Crossings. Montenegro

Border Crossing Point of Muriqan - Sukobin.

The Muriqan crossing was opened in 2002. It is currently the fourth land crossing in terms of passenger traffic volume. It is located in the district of Shkodra and connects this city with Ulcinj and further, through the Adriatic highway and the Croatian highway A1, goes to Trieste in Italy. In 2009, the joint EU-funded customs building Albania / Montenegro started operating. It is the only joint border crossing with a neighboring country in Albania. However, the two border police check the documents separately. There is still no integrated computer program through which the registration of documents would be done only once. On the Albanian side of this crossing point, the Tims system is installed, which connects with all other Albanian points and at the same time integrates these points in real time with the Interpol data. On May 24, 2011 the new bridge over Buna was opened. This bridge, with a robust and modern structure, replaced the crossing over the historic wooden bridge that was completely unsuitable for high tonnage vehicles. This aspect removes any barrier and turns that of Muriqan into a first class border crossing. From Shkodra to Muriqan the road is well structured, while from Sukobini to Ulcinj or Ujëmirë / Dobra Voda is hilly, narrow and not suitable for normal or fast traffic of buses and trucks.

Albania Albania Border Crossings. Montenegro Border Crossings. Montenegro

Border Crossing Point of Hani i Hotit - Bozhaj.

The Hani i Hotit crossing is located in the district of Malësia e Madhe and is located on the road that connects Shkodra with Tuz and Podgorica. It was opened in the 1980s as a result of improved Albania-Yugoslavia relations and was the only communication with Yugoslavia after a long period of total isolation from both countries. It is a multimodal crossing because besides the road there is also a railway. At this point customs procedures of any size are performed. This crossing has lost some interest but could immediately gain it when the highway that connects Podgorica with Dubrovnik is built.

Albania Albania Border Crossings. Montenegro Border Crossings. Montenegro

Border Crossing Point of Vermosh - Guci.

Vendkalimi i Vermoshit ndodhet në rrethin e Malësisë së Madhe dhe është hapur për të lehtësuar kalimin e udhëtarëve drejt Gucisë dhe Plavës dhe anasjelltas. Qëndron i hapur me orar dhe në periudha të ndryshme të vitit. Aktiviteti kryhet në kontainer. Është e persosur infrastruktura rrugore për të arritur në këtë vendkalim kufitar. Ky vendkalim ndodhet në skajin më verior të Shqipërisë.

Albania Albania Border Crossings. Montenegro Border Crossings. Montenegro

Border Crossing Point of Qafë Vranicë - Plavë.

This crossing is still in the completion stage. It is located near the village of Çerem in the district of Tropoja. After the improvement of the road infrastructure, this crossing will make possible the connection of all areas of Tropoja and Gjakova Highlands with Plava and Guca in Montenegro.

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